Career growth


Staff Levels

Levels say how much responsibility you can take, how experienced and helpful you are.

Staff levels

LevelNameNetto salary (EUR)Equity plan (shares)
L4πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager48003000
L5πŸ…Staff / Lead / Head56004000
L6πŸŽ–οΈPrincipal / Director / Group EM72006000
L7πŸ”†Fellow / C* / VP80008000


Competencies are some features that a person can exhibit which adds value to the company and is used to evaluate their level


LevelCompany ValuesTagsName
πŸ₯‰Junior🧸Humbly kindCommunicationClearly articulates questions in both verbal and written forms
πŸ₯‰Junior🧸Humbly kindCommunicationShares information about their own and their team's progressβ€”successes, difficulties, failures, and delays when asked
πŸ₯‰Junior🧸Humbly kindCommunicationDoesn’t withhold or manipulate information and its distribution for anyone's benefit
πŸ₯‰Junior🧸Humbly kindCommunicationCommunicates with others politely and with empathy, understands that people come from different cultures and backgrounds
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeOwnership and driveDoesn’t wait for someone else to tell them what to do
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeOwnership and driveAble to ask for clarification or for help when struggling
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeOwnership and driveShows interest and motivation when working without external motivation
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeOwnership and driveFaces new situations with curiosity
πŸ₯‰JuniorπŸ”…Radiate truthReliabilityHas daily conversations with the team about the progress of their work
πŸ₯‰JuniorπŸ”…Radiate truthReliabilityDelivers on commitments while understanding their importance and priority
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProblem solvingSolves simple and well-defined tasks by themselves
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProblem solvingCan split work into actionable chunks with the assistance of others
πŸ₯‰Junior⛰️New horizonsProblem solvingRecognizes large or complex problems and involves the team for assistance
πŸ₯‰Junior🍯Gather valueBusiness domain knowledgeUnderstands general company customer needs. Knows how our customers do their job and how are we helping them. Knows what products do we offer
πŸ₯‰Junior🍯Gather valueBusiness domain knowledgeUnderstands business priorities and ways how company and team decisions support those.β€’ Learns their team's domain (e.g. email, scheduling, mobile, internal tooling) and their customers needs
πŸ₯‰Junior🍯Gather valueBusiness domain knowledgeAble to adjust priorities, scope and quality with guidance from others
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindCode qualityAware of the code quality practices and understands the reasons behind them and practices some of them
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindCode qualityCan reason about and understand existing non-complex code
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindCode qualityAble to document solutions and explain their decisions
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindCode reviewsPerforms code reviews regularly without a need to be explicitly asked
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindCode reviewsAsks questions in PR about code which they don't understand
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindCode reviewsAble to find typos and code inconsistency in any code
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindCode reviewsFinds possible issues in known components
πŸ₯‰Junior⛰️New horizonsSystem design and architectureUnderstands the architecture and design used in the team on the level that allows them to independently work on tasks, avoiding duplication across codebases and interface-breaking changes
πŸ₯‰Junior⛰️New horizonsSystem design and architectureNew code is aligned with the team architecture and company best practices
πŸ₯‰JuniorπŸ”…Radiate truthEngineering OperationsHelps answer questions in public channels
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindEngineering OperationsIs aware of CI/CD pipeline and tools the team is using
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindEngineering OperationsKnows how to rollback to working version of the module in case of an incident
πŸ₯‰Junior🧿Observable mindEngineering OperationsIs aware of monitors and alerts in the team
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProject management and prioritisationUnderstands the agile delivery process
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProject management and prioritisationSpots tasks which are too big when they work on it
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProject management and prioritisationCommunicates dependencies and potential blockers
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProject management and prioritisationEnsures that tasks are appropriately sized for incremental delivery with help from others
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProject management and prioritisationUnderstands and acts according to task prioritisation
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProject management and prioritisationCommunicates with task stakeholders (PM, Design) to clarify and review their work
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProject management and prioritisationAble to estimate a task
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProject management and prioritisationUnderstands company, team and project goals and always working towards them
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeProject management and prioritisationAlways asks for clarification if something is unclear
πŸ₯‰Junior🐝Team effortDeveloping othersSometimes supports their teammates in an open, respectful, flexible, empathetic manner (for example: helping with learning technical skills or overcoming technical challenges)
πŸ₯‰Junior🐝Team effortDeveloping othersHelps with onboarding newcomers
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeDecisivenessMake decisions where necessary information is available
πŸ₯‰Juniorβ›ΊAdapt to changeDecisivenessWith guidance, are able to handle risk, change, and uncertainty within their personal scope of work effectively
πŸ₯‰Junior🐝Team effortFacilitationEnsures that all relevant parties are involved
πŸ₯‰Junior🐝Team effortFacilitationOrganizes meetings, finds the most suitable time for all participants
πŸ₯‰Junior🐝Team effortFacilitationIs responsible for agenda and results of the meeting
πŸ₯‰Junior🐝Team effortFacilitationPerforms basic meeting facilitation
πŸŽ’Intern🧸Humbly kindCommunicationClearly expresses thoughts and ideas, listens, and is approachable
πŸŽ’Intern🧸Humbly kindCommunicationHas an ability to relay information openly and transparently
πŸŽ’Intern🧸Humbly kindCommunicationHabitually shares information with others inside and outside the company
πŸŽ’Intern🧸Humbly kindCommunicationOpen-mindedness and a habit of learning from others regardless of their position or experience
πŸŽ’Intern🧸Humbly kindCommunicationAbility to admit being wrong or not knowing something
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🧸Humbly kindCommunicationClarifies information when it's vague or confusing
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🧸Humbly kindCommunicationWritten communication is concise and clear
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🧸Humbly kindCommunicationIdentifies situations where others in the company could benefit from the information they know, and shares it (guilds, team TEX-es).
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🧸Humbly kindCommunicationPractices active listening techniques towards the team
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager🧸Humbly kindCommunicationIdentifies how written communication can be received differently by others, and switches communication mediums and styles to convey a clear and kind message
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager🧸Humbly kindCommunicationHolds constructive, objective, and critical discussions on controversial issues with difficult audiences
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager🧸Humbly kindCommunicationQuickly extracts core issues from discussions and meetings. Their presence makes meetings more productive
πŸ…Staff / Lead / Head🧸Humbly kindCommunicationEffectively promotes company branding through several public communication initiatives such as public speaking (e.g., Meetups) or blog post writing
πŸŽ–οΈPrincipal / Director / Group EM🧸Humbly kindCommunicationOthers often seek out their advice on matters involving communication
πŸŽ–οΈPrincipal / Director / Group EM🧸Humbly kindCommunicationNot only practices mindful communication and active listening in interactions, but fosters these practices in others
πŸŽ’Intern🐝Team effortTeamworkAbility to work with others, providing support and assistance to achieve team goals
πŸŽ’Intern🐝Team effortTeamworkGreat things are achieved by teams and the person accepts that the team is collectively smarter than them alone
πŸ₯‰Junior🐝Team effortTeamworkOpen to collaboration: joining workshops, pair programming, accepts help when stuck
πŸ₯‰Junior🐝Team effortTeamworkOffers help when others say they're stuck
πŸ₯‰Junior🐝Team effortTeamworkVerifies their opinion with facts. Changes opinion in face of clearly disproving information
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🐝Team effortTeamworkInitiates pair programming and other ways to solve problems through team member collaboration
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🐝Team effortTeamworkShares the blame when something goes wrong, fixes team delivery problems regardless of who caused it
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🐝Team effortTeamworkShares the team's responsibilities and ensures the credit is shared
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🐝Team effortTeamworkWilling to lose an argument to move forward
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🐝Team effortTeamworkContributes to a culture of continuous improvement on a project level
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager🐝Team effortTeamworkMakes sure that teammates have what they need to contribute to team success
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager🐝Team effortTeamworkValues the team and team’s results above personal success
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager🐝Team effortTeamworkFinds the best solution is more important than just being right
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager🐝Team effortTeamworkAble to notice overwhelmed colleagues, supports and distributes their work among the team to be more equally spread
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager🐝Team effortTeamworkFosters a culture of continuous improvement on a team level
πŸ…Staff / Lead / Head🐝Team effortTeamworkFosters support and collaboration in the tribe
πŸŽ–οΈPrincipal / Director / Group EM🐝Team effortTeamworkFosters a culture of continuous improvement on the company level
πŸŽ–οΈPrincipal / Director / Group EM🐝Team effortTeamworkOrganizes workshops, TEXs, knowledge sharing session with the whole company
πŸ”†Fellow / C* / VP🐝Team effortTeamworkOthers look forward to working with them
πŸ”†Fellow / C* / VP🐝Team effortTeamworkHelps teams outside of the company
πŸŽ’InternπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackOpenness towards both receiving and giving feedback
πŸŽ’InternπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackMakes it easy for others to give feedback
πŸ₯‰JuniorπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackKnows how to deliver praise and constructive feedback in a useful manner
πŸ₯‰JuniorπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackGets better through delivering some praise and critique to their teammates
πŸ₯‰JuniorπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackMakes it easy for others to give feedback to them. Shows appreciation, isn't defensive, actively listens and tries to understand the feedback
πŸ₯‰JuniorπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackAdmits they don't know everything and that they have something to learn from others
πŸ₯‰JuniorπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackSeeks advice without a concern about how others will perceive them
πŸ₯ˆMiddleπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackRegularly delivers praise and constructive critique to their teammates.
πŸ₯ˆMiddleπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackDelivers feedback not only to their peers, but also to other roles they collaborate with when an opportunity arises
πŸ₯ˆMiddleπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackActively seeks out feedback from their teammates and project leaders
πŸ₯ˆMiddleπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackUses the received feedback as a tool for growth. Demonstrates actions made based on feedback
πŸ₯‡Senior / ManagerπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackConsistently gives good quality feedback, both praise and suggestions for improvement
πŸ₯‡Senior / ManagerπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackProactively and regularly delivers constructive feedback to the people they collaborate with
πŸ₯‡Senior / ManagerπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackNot afraid to speak truth to power, and as such is trusted by the business to have an honest opinion
πŸ₯‡Senior / ManagerπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackPractices radical candorβ€”timely, clear and directed feedback
πŸ₯‡Senior / ManagerπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackWorks on a project level to foster a culture of seeking out feedback and using it as a tool for growth
πŸ₯‡Senior / ManagerπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackAsks for ad-hoc feedback in appropriate situations (important presentation, discussion, interviews, etc.)
πŸ…Staff / Lead / HeadπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackWorks on a team-level to foster a culture of seeking out feedback and using it as a tool for growth
πŸ…Staff / Lead / HeadπŸ”…Radiate truthFeedbackFosters a culture of delivering praise and constructive feedback within their team
πŸ…Staff / Lead / HeadFeedbackOthers turn to them for help giving difficult feedback
πŸŽ–οΈPrincipal / Director / Group EMFeedbackHelps with implementing the best practices for giving feedback across teams
πŸ”†Fellow / C* / VPFeedbackFosters feedback culture
πŸ₯ˆMiddle🐝Team effortOwnership and driveAccountable for the quality and timeline of an outcome of their work and cares about the outcome of the team (proactively takes ownership of some of the actions the team needs to do)
πŸ₯ˆMiddleβ›ΊAdapt to changeOwnership and driveActively seeks solutions they believe will unblock the progress in their work
πŸ₯ˆMiddle⛰️New horizonsOwnership and driveProactively stepping up and taking ownership of problems which are not owned by anyone within their role context
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager🐝Team effortOwnership and driveAccountable for the quality of the outcome of their team
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager⛰️New horizonsOwnership and driveProactively steps up and takes ownership of problems which are not owned by anyone within their team context
πŸ₯‡Senior / Manager⛰️New horizonsOwnership and driveFully autonomous in establishing goals and keeping track of them, even when faced with multiple obstacles in a team context
πŸ…Staff / Lead / HeadπŸ”…Radiate truthOwnership and driveMotivates others when facing a new situation