Beehive inspection platform

Organize apiary data to save your strength, time and bees

How does it work?

Model beehives

It's difficult to observe and record all colony information using pen and paper while in the field. Model hives to remember where to take action and why

Upload frame photos

Take frame photo and upload it to the app. We will detect and count bees to measure precise colony size and predict potential swarming

Store inspections

Take snapshot of the beehive state to track colony development over time. Compare same frame to see changes in the colony.

Find a queen

Finding a queen in a bustling metropolis to determine if the colony has a future can be challenging. We can surprise you and find two

Estimate resources

We also detect different cells to estimate ratio of resources. Balancing nectar and pollen between colonies can prevent starvation

beehive frame with detected cell types

Measure mite infestation

Detect and count varroa mites infesting your bees without the need of killing bees with alcohol washing test

Learn from AI

Given all of the hive context, get a one-button advice from a large language model on the next steps

beehive frame with detected cell types

Take notes

Use ipad pencil or mouse to draw on top of the frame to highlight important regions

Spy on bees

Stream your beehive entrance from unused phone, raspberry-pi or our device. Play back past videos under correct beehive to see what happened. Useful in case of hornet attacks, robbing, queen mating flights

Shape the future of beekeeping

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By Artjom Kurapov,
Beekeeper, Founding engineer

I’m a software engineer and 5 years ago I became a beekeeper to improve pollination of my garden and get higher yields. To me, bees are also a cute and interesting pet.

Bees are key species for our food security. Farmers are cooperating with beekeepers to increase yields through precise pollination.

Traditional beekeeping requires observability of a bee colony, because bees can experience starvation , loss of a queen, late swarming or get Varroa destructor mite infestation which weakens the colony and causes overwintering collapse.

Observability is typically solved with a hard physical labor and frequent and time-limited inspections. Dressed in a protective suit, in the summer heat, you need to lift 20 kg beehive sections, that were designed 150 years ago and notice small details while you are getting stung by defending bees, causing inspection stress and killing bees.

As your apiary grows, this work becomes unscalable. Industrial beekeepers have multiple apiaries at distant locations that are hard to reach. Existing solutions do not adequately solve these issues

💡 Our goal is to help beekeepers with observability and automation. Our vision is a fully autonomous multi-hive Robotic Apiary that can remotely inspect colonies. We will reach this step by step, starting with a software.

By providing actionable metrics and automation, beekeepers become more efficient, spend less time in the field and analyse more, doing precise intervention only when needed.

Gratheon app is built on the shoulders of open-source software and is fully open source too. Our frame resource detection is based on Automatic detection and classification of honey bee comb cells using deep learning by Thiago S. Alves et al. Our bee detection uses YoLoV5 model trained on dataset by Matt Nudi. Our gate counter model is based on work done by Fabian Hickert for his Master thesis

Join us to improve life of 100 million bee colonies worldwide and meet pollination demand for more. We're looking for investors to scale our development, engineers to join our team, beekeepers to run field testing and advisors to guide us.

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Products in development

Entrance Observer

Get video feed of entrance in real-time. Count bees coming in and out to estimate foraging bee daily loss. Detect varroa mites riding on bees. Block entrance in case of hornet attacks. Detect robbing. Track pollen flow. Detect queen mating flights.

Beehive gatehouse

Robotic beehive

Automate inspections with a robotic beehive. Peek remotely into the hive to save your time and energy. Be always up-to-date with alert notifications. Keep bees stress-free and neighbours sting-free.

Robotic beehive