Building autonomous robotic beehive
with neural network vision

Features to help your bees thrive

Our autonomous hive improves your beekeeping performance while keeping bees safe from humans

Rich sensor system

Image processing & analytics

Flexible alerting

Get real-time temperature, multi-channel audio, humidity, weight readings of your hive directly to your phone or web apps as a holistic hive status report
Access per-frame imagery of your hive, analyse growth trends, track varroa mite infection, keep historical records

Receive alerts on missing queen, decrease of brood, lack of space, lack of food, drone overpopulation

Self-sufficient energy management

Bee careful

Neighbour friendly

Be certain that hive works even in remote & cold winters without direct power line Ethical approach to do no harm to the bees while managing the hive or checking for mite infestation Setup beehive in living sectors or urban areas without fear of bee attacks caused by prolonged inspection

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