🦚Equity & fundraising program plan

If you want to support 🐝 our cause. Here is the org structure:


Phase 1 (⛳we are here)

Our goal is to build a software-only MVP that allows beekeeper to do some monitoring with our platform - see 💡Ideas and Features. We should have a proof of market value and demand.

Following Superdao lessons learned, at Preseed and Seed we hire for immediate skills, not potential. Juniors are welcome to contribute though [some reward program needed]

Phase 2

Our goal is to bring platform to be more production ready and scalable to get first paying customers. Goal should be to adress unit economics and retention. Have working product and be ready to scale

Phase 3

Goal is to have revenue growth by offering actual physical product(s) in addition to SaaS.
Address distribution risks / repeatable and sustainable acquisition models