PM / Beekeeping community relations

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Responsibilities- Talk to clients
- gather requirements
- community
- Task prioritization
company phase0-angel

Part-time position

Role Description

This is a volunteer role at Gratheon. Your role is actually a Product Manager that must have beekeeping experience. Your role is to guide product development by reviewing features, adding new features, brainstorming the solutions, explaining domain area to the rest of the team, testing completed work.

As a bonus, you can develop yourself in community relations. Talking to other beekeepers to improve their life using our products.


Optional, yet highly valued beneficial skills:

Thanks for applying to the Gratheon Beekeeper Volunteer position. I assume your aim is to teach others about bees and beekeeping practices, learn something new with the technological products we are developing.

Just wanted to reiterate that this is not a paid position. We're just getting the project started and our team is composed of volunteers, rather small (5-10) and not very formal. We’ve had various hackathons and accelerators so far. The last one was prototron.ee where we got in the top 25 out of 50 teams.

The current status of the project is that we have a web-app written in react that is open for anyone to register and try out at https://app.gratheon.com/. Our code, datasets, internal docs are fully open source, and you’re encouraged to check them out at https://github.com/Gratheon

As there are multiple candidates, and I'm not sure how best to evaluate you, so if you have time for such side project I suggest you to:

1. Explore what you think about list of features we have in the backlog:

2. Join Discord to discuss a specific feature you could improve, which is not clear / not groomed yet or to discuss new idea or feature: https://discord.gg/PcbP4uedWj

3. Work on the new UX with designers, explain it to engineers, have feature released in production, test it out, promote to other beekeepers - https://gratheon.notion.site/Onboarding-91481a8152cf4d1685770ec2a7cc7c94 .

4. Optionally, you can check out our past meeting recordings - https://gratheon.notion.site/All-hands-meeting-recordings-405d4ff10fc04cd4a57dc8ed9ef362a9?pvs=74

Basically we need more eyes on the products we are developing that its what beekeepers need. So if you can point what is important and whats needed, that would help us with the focus.

Feel free to explore Notion and I hope to hear back from you in the Discord.