Culture and values

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Cultural values affects how we do things internally, which clients and employees align with us

Company Values

NameDoDo notExamples
🍯Gather valueBring value, create symbiotic relations, enrich all parties. We bring value to beekeepers and to our team. Grow wider in your abilities and knowledge to bring more impact.Do not be greedy
Do not do random things
We are for-profit so that employees can be well compensated
🔅Radiate truthBe joyful and honest, have fun. Our code and processes are transparent to the world.
Communicate to reduce boundaries, complexity, be predictable to be trusted.
Do not lie
Do not be gloomy
Our code is open source
Our discord chat is public
Our meetings on youtube are public
Some of our datasets are public
⛺Adapt to changeBe bold, get things done, take responsibility. Get hands dirty, take small steps, be prepared, survive, speed, autonomy, freedomDo not be lazy
Do not look for excuses
You have autonomy to work from any location, any time with almost any tooling. You are expected to figure out things yourself as there is noone managing you
🐝Team effortBe part of the collective, make friends, communicate, lead by example, equal voice, take ownership, disagree and commitDo not be an egoist
Do not ruin people’s day
🧸Humbly kindBe empathetic, support, teach. Everyone makes mistakes. Accepting flaws with kindness leads to unity and trust. Do not work with assholes
Do not hurt
Do not be silent
🌳Ethical heartCare about sentient organisms. Go beyond product to have sustainable ecosystem and environment. Balance work and lifeDo not exploit,
Do not value money over life
🧿Observable mindValue rationalism, science, innovation that has built the modern civilisation. Cultivate creative and critical thinking, data-driven decisions and experimentationDo not be ignorant
Do not be blinded
⛰️New horizonsReach mastery and wisdom. Improve continuously, grow above yourself, define new norm, withstand the test of time, quality, performance. Reach equilibrium of opposing values, opinions and responsibilities.Do not radicalize
Do not overspecialize