Robotic Apiary

As a more cost-effective solution for large apiaries, we want to reuse 🧿Robotic Beehive functionality and equip it with ability to move around the apiary to inspect hives on-demand or on-schedule.

Target audience

Challenges / Requirements


We’ll use an improvement over 🧿Robotic Beehive but have it movable between hives.
Design is not set yet and its up for the team to decide on the architecture

Apiary - beehives traditionally are positioned in a line
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Compared to competition (ex. 🇮🇱Beewise and their Beehome), we are not doing a revolution in beekeeping that requires reinventing the beekeeping practices, throwing away existing beekeeping equipment (frames, sections). We are following evolutionary and adaptation approach:



Move on railsMove on wheels
Pros- simple and predictable movement- hive positions can be random
Cons- limited reach
- hives need to be in line
- costs more with larger apiaries
- need to stabilize the X-Y angles to have horizontal plane even


Pros- simple installation, maintenance, setup
- good weather protection
- can scale in amount of hives and in their height
- cost effective
- healthy
Cons- colonies can infect each other
- higher cost
- loss of existing inventory
- more complex integration, maintenance

Features as functional requirements

Some generative AI images

Swisslog robot example