Balance humanity with the biosphere

Bees are in danger. Bees impact 30% of our food supply. They are key species in natural pollination. They are also cute & hairy.

Specific problems: 

  • Deforestation reduces possible habitat
  • Loss of natural diversified pollen/nectar supply (monocultural farming, lawns, deforestation, syrup feeding)
  • Mite infestation due to global trade & industrial concentrated beehive positioning
  • Poisoning due to pesticide use on blooming crops

How. Strategies

  1. Autonomous beekeeping
    • Use robots to decrease hard physical labor costs
    • Monitor real-time to prevent colony collapse
  2. Decentralized, privately owned, separately positioned hives
    • Give bees access to suburban area near human gardens, instead of centralized industrial mobile mono-crop farms
  3. Make beekeeping ethical & responsible
    • Less direct intervention (smoking, bee stress, killing bees)
    • Regional alerts on detected colony collapse

What. Service & product

  • ​SaaS platform for image analysis of detecting bees, resources, mites
  • Autonomous robotic beehive with vision, remote control & cloud monitoring